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Project 台灣教育TAIWAN100

Category 視覺設計

Web Design 思遠資訊

Client 遠見‧天下文化教育基金會


『教育』看似簡單二字,既抽象無形,確也運藏了的未來國家的希望,特別是在臺灣,除了邁向多元文化之外,也針對個人興趣方面也以因材施教為圭臬。以多彩七巧板設計的巧思,凸顯『多樣可能性』、『豐富想像力』為出發點,將臺灣『TAIWAN 100』轉化成豐富識別,能隨意拼組成新的元素,展現出臺灣教育的多樣性及團隊合作精神。同時透過暖黃底色,象徵希望與勇於挑戰自我,透過徵件100,讓臺灣邁向國際舞臺。

"Education" is looked as a simple vocabulary, it is invisible and abstract, however, it is very important and meaningful for nation's future. Especially in Taiwan, education is going to be diversity training, and developing into teaching depends on personal interesting. The design idea is inspired by colorful tangram, and it is given diversification and abundant imagination meaning, that's how this logo is created.

Taiwan 100 is a abundant symbol that shows flexible teaching elements and group cooperation spirit of Taiwan. On the other hand, we use warm yellow color to symbolize hope and challenge, we hope Taiwan can be discovered and seen by world through those 100 selection.

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