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Project 2016台北設計之都-國際城市館

Category 平面設計

Client 台灣贏創/Evonik (Taiwan Co., Ltd.)


Through this cooperation with Evonik (Taiwan Co., Ltd.) for the World Design Capital (WDC 2016). We planning material exhibition in the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. We used freehand illustrations combine the technologytogether make the tech more warm and close to us. It can used from the daily residential form to the commercial space, as well as waste treatment plant areas. Through the relevant technology to achieve green energy carbon reduction function.In exhibition the interactive skill apply to the five different materials provided by Evonik to achieve the goals to linking the live to the society.

Five material elements:

中空纖維膜:讓垃圾變成寳 SEPURAN®中空纖維膜能有效地將二氧化碳和甲烷進行分離而得到生物甲烷,之後可注入都市天然氣管路或用來發電,讓廢棄物變成寶物。

做法:此產品主要用在工廠廢氣排放區,將此結合在背板圖,串聯市中心與工廠之間的 管路,達到空污處理示意圖。

1/SEPURAN® hollow fiber membrane :
Makes trash into treasure SEPURAN® hollow fiber membranes can effectively separate carbon dioxide and methane to create bio-methane, which can be pumped into city natural gas pipelines or used to generate electricity to transform trash into treasure.

Practice:This product is mainly used in the factory emissions between the city center and the pipeline between the factory to achieve air pollution treatment diagram.

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高效建築隔熱材:不燃無機材料,絕佳隔熱解決方案 無機隔熱材料:具有不可燃性及長期穩定的特性。寶物。


2/CALOSTAT® the high-performance thermal insulation material for buildings:
Non-Flammable inorganic material, excellent solution for thermal insulation Mineral insulation board is non-flammable and provides long-term stability.

Practice:Through the house illustration can be clearly shown this product features, can be achieved the warm in the winter and keep cool in the summer time. Also brick can be pull out from the side to see the detail material.

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創造未來永續力:完美的特種材料,PLEXIGLAS®創新太陽能解決方案。 透光又發電之獨特性,相較矽晶不透光電池,pVindow™能整合於窗戶、屋頂,是太陽能發電與綠建材之完美組合。


3/PLEXIGLAS® future sustainability:
Perfectly specialized material, PLEXIGLAS®, an innovative solar solution. ( German Technology: PLEXIGLAS®+Taiwan Application: pVindow™ ) Unlike non-transparent silicon-based solar cells, pVindow™ can be integrated in windows and roof application due to uniquely high transmittance and electricity generation. The perfect combination when paired with solar power generators and green building material

Practice:To show the power of the Solar energy function, through the halogen bulb simulation of light, coupled with acrylic light energy transfer, will makes the top lighting lights-up the source.

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建築業的隱形高手 深入滲透建築材料中阻隔水氣,可讓建築物自由呼吸。


4/Protectosil® :
series provides invincible protection and brings your building to life. Deep penetration into substrate keeps water out and lets your building breathe freely.

Practice:To emphasize the surface coating cannot dissolve in water easily, we use outdoor water fountain even through the water flow everyday, still can strengthen the waterproof function.

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美的保護膜,從易清潔開始 混凝土、磚塊、天然石材、砂岩、大理石、花崗岩或粉刷牆,皆可輕易地與Protectosil®產品系列結合,成為看不見的力量!


the invisible shield makes your building easy to clean Protectosil® products provide the perfect solution for almost every material, including concrete, bricks, natural stone, sandstone, marble, granite and render.

Practice:A protectable coating on any kind of surface. Whether you use any kind of pen to draw on this boad, you can easily remove traces, to achieve the perfect as ever.

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