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Category 包裝設計

Client 新峰茶莊

傳承兩代的新峰茶莊,將鹿野的特色茶紅烏龍,融入純手工製作的牛軋糖裡,清香回甘,御茶香紅烏龍手工牛軋糖包裝設計上使用具有濃郁鄉土氣息、風格獨特的剪紙風格,這種剪紙貼花裝飾,給人以古樸自然的韻味,形成獨具的淳樸風格。剪紙貼花藝術的出現,又與古時上層社會飲茶、品茶風尚極盛有直接關系。打開牛軋糖呈現漂亮的墨綠色,「這是茶葉天然的顏色,絕不加色素或香精,且有機茶因為不使用農藥或化肥,茶葉成長較慢,所以不苦不澀。」和滿滿花生一口咬下,完全不黏牙,吃完嘴裡還有淡淡茶香,不小心就會一顆接一顆吃上癮 。

Sin-Feng Tea House has been passed down two generations, they blend Lyee fine Red Oolong Tea into handmade Nougat, tasting delicate and finish. The package image delivers primitive simplicity by using unique style paper-cut featured of native atmosphere, forming a characterful simplicity, and the origin of paper-cut art has a direct connection with Chinese tea culture from high society of ancient times. As opening the package you can see Nougat is with a beautiful green color, that is the natural food without colorings and essence additives. Furthermore, to plant tea trees without pesticide and chemical fertilizer, tea trees grow slowly and make it taste not bitter and astringent. Take a bite of Nougat with peanuts, and just enjoy the delicate tea aroma, you will be addicted to its non-sticky mouth feel and rich flavor.