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Project 高山油菊茶包裝

Category 包裝設計

Client 好農集有限公司

在地花-油菊花茶是"來自赤科山的小油菊"原生在中海拔山區的「台灣原生種油菊」,採自其天然原料,以低溫烘乾保留原有的色澤,香氣濃郁,因此在品牌設計上擬化"在地花"的品牌名稱,訴求在地情感與連結產業,包裝設計概念上則是以天然圖騰與大地色彩作為視覺設計的元素,以強調樂活客庄為概念,讓在地花不斷滿地開花。除了推好茶以外, 不僅彰顯了客家族群崇敬天地、尊重自然的文化獨特性,在包裝上更融入了「環保、節約、樂活、愛地球」的精神, 讓在地花有更多的天然意象。

Local Flower-Calendula Tea is taking natural material from the Taiwan native Calendula planted on the mid-elevation mountains, and adopts low-temperature drying way to keep the original color of flowers and rich fragrance. To state the emotional connection between local industry and this land, the design derives inspiration from natural plant patterns and colors, to emphasis the idea of Hakka Lohas life, to present the scene of flourishing local flowers. Besides promoting fine tea, it also highlights the individual culture that Hakka people respect and worship the universe. On package, it blends Eco-Friendly, Saving, Lohas and Earth-loving ideas into the package, presenting abundant natural imagery about local flowers.