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Project 2011 音樂成果集

Category 年度編集

Client 國立傳統藝術中心 臺灣音樂館

「臺灣音樂中心」擴展音樂保存與推廣,以臺灣各族群之音樂為主,內涵包括歌謠、說唱音樂、戲曲音樂、傳統器樂、舞蹈音樂、儀式宗教音樂及臺灣音樂當代創作等。本次針對台灣音樂中心 2011年度網站與年鑒設計視覺形象,風格上以台灣傳統樂器為主,將樂器以數位化的方式呈現,併加入繽紛色彩點綴。色彩設計上針對台灣音樂多元且豐富更具濃厚人文氣息,借此宣揚台灣音樂兼容並蓄的意象。

Taiwan Music Institute was engaged in the preservation and popularization of Taiwanese music heritage, including folk songs, oral-literature music, dramatic opera music, traditional instrumental music, dance music, ritual and religious music, original contemporary music, etc. To design visual image for the website and yearbook of the 2011 year, creating a style based on Taiwan traditional music instruments, rendering music instruments by digitizing, and were painted colorful. The abundant use of color expresses Taiwan music is diverse and is with a strong cultural atmosphere, and through the image to present Taiwan music is diverse and comprehensive.