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Project 越旺茶禮盒

Category 包裝設計

Client 龍口食品企業股份有限公司

越旺的商標以中國結為設計理念 ,一種團結,親密,溫馨的視覺美感,中文字譯中,「越」代表更多、更好,而「旺」則代表正面能量與吉祥之意,以兩吉祥字意選定為品牌名稱,東方習俗自古送禮是門文化,送好禮更是種學問,選用的更是台灣頂級的烏龍茶,來自臺灣阿里山,在詮釋包裝設計中,將茶藝的文化表現在禮盒上,左到右的腰封為茶席上鋪置的茶巾呈現一種意境。此外,盒子的顏色更是以中國帝王使用的紅黃為主以表尊貴。紋飾上用的是長壽圖騰為禮盒腰封以表健康意象。整體包裝整體設計以上下一致、左右對稱、正反相同、首尾可接,正所謂"圖必有意,意必吉祥"。奉上越旺的禮不僅有最頂級的臺灣阿里山烏龍,還代表著我最真摯的祝福與情誼。

The idea of the logo was base on the concept of "Chinese knot", which originally represent the idea of unity and intimacy between people through its structure. If we translate "Lu-On" directly word by word, "Lu" means getting more and more or better. As for "On", it means positivity and luck. Combining these two words, we aim to interest customers by realizing the trick we used on playing with the words. On the other hand, we also want to make people who are not Chinese speaker to grow curiosity toward the name "Lu-On" by providing explanation. In eastern culture, giving present to one is not only a part of the culture but already grown into a complex course. Inside of each box set we placed the finest oolong from Alishan, Taiwan. The exterior design of the box set, we put in the notion of the art of drinking tea. As you can see the band cross the box on the top of the box, it is a metaphor for the doyley that Chinese usually put on the table where they replace all their gears. Furthermore, we chose the colors that usually represent the empire in Chinese culture, which are gold and red to show the true quality of this tea set. The totem beside both sides of the logo stands for long living and healthy, which is one of the major concepts of the entire design.