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Project E-WAITER 伊威特

Category 機器人設計

Client 祥儀企業股份有限公司



智慧機械 I TAIWAN E-WAITER有別於一般市面服務型機種,單純透過雙手裝盛物品送至定點模式; 外型時尚鮮明,可依照不同主題空間更換配件,具有靈活的智能機器人,同時以創新驅動設計傳動移動性佳並穩定,以搭乘舒適性與安全性的人性化考量為第一優先設計目標。伊威特以智能化控制系統、自動化科技整合專屬性包廂的概念,可結合運用各種情境中,一台俱備四人入座,透過機器人數位化面板設定,及定時機器人雙手靈活表演,同時聲光效果增添體驗樂趣。


機械手臂使用高精度馬達驅動,能模擬人體手臂動作,單臂高達11個自由度,充分展現祥儀研發及技術整合能量。 驅動方式採用中置驅動輪加前後輔助輪,搭配車體懸吊系統,可定點360度旋轉,獨家結構設計可適應地形高低差,使車子不會因路面高低差而無法行駛, 搭載祥儀自製TG90無刷馬達,可精準調整馬達高低速運轉,達到緩起速緩減速之效果,減低使用者乘坐時的頓挫感,同時具備低能耗與高乘載性,性能及安全兼具。

Innovating beautiful design inside and outside. Smart Machinery I TAIWAN

E-WAITER is different from normal service type machinery which simply carry things to assigned position, it is a modern and bright robot. E-WAITER is a intelligence robot can adjust function by changing assembly depends on different types of space; on the other hand, it is provided with stable mobility, designed with comfortable and secure transportation function. Intelligent control system and technology integration are two main characteristics that can applied to every situation, and E-WAITER is available for four seats ride on even show performance with motion, music and light through setting on digital panel, to provide entertainment and fun.

We do both of Technique Integration and Performance Optimization, innovating service type robot provides upgrading experience.

Adopting mechanical arm is driven by ultra precision motor, it can imitates a human's arm movements and reach 11 degrees of freedom (DOF), it proves development and technique integration power of SHA YANG YE Inc. amply.

Driving mode is a Mid-engine with rear-wheel-drive layout, it matches with suspension systems that can make machine can be fixed rotate 360 degrees. Furthermore, exclusive structure design can adapt to ground height difference, to make car go smoothly without topographical limitation. E-WAITER carries brushless motor made by SHA YANG YE Inc., it can precisely control motor operation speed, and make car start and stop slowly to lessen discomfort from rise and fall. E-WAITER is provided with both of low energy consumption and high performance with security.

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