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Project PEGGY 荷官機器人

Category 機器人設計

Client TIRC 台灣智能機器人公司

3D掃瞄單位 貝特設計有限公司

面部雕塑與翻模單位小胖 師傅




A growing industry will bring great impact and influence to economic development, and as it is in robot industry. As intelligent robots market constantly increasing their potential, there are more needs and market extending as well. Different types of robot products are developing and producing continuously, and industrial robots are elevated to a higher level. In the process of growing to maturity, intelligent robots are gradually and widely applied to manufacturing, service industry and even entertainment.

Robots can reduce the costs of human resources in gambling games, and open up a new market for gambling industry operators. Taking American as an example, the cost of manpower is much higher than countries in Asia, moreover, some States of United States limit actual people to be the croupier at gambling tables, and a robot is a good solution to this situation.

PEGGY dealer is a forwarding-thinking and entertainment robot, TIRC establishes its precise structure, and 3+2 Design Studio provides it an avant-garde and simulation appearance. It is vivid and as if it were a star jump out of a move screen enjoying the fun of game with players. Besides entertainment purpose, PEGGY also meet needs of sharing repeated works and lower down the crisis of employment injuries.

The robot can be easily assembled and maintained by changing the module, and its appearance is convenient to change as well. Applying robotic technology to entertainment industry not only provides a fresh and exciting feeling to players but also creating a trend of cooperation between human and robot.

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