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Project Bemo科技狐蒙

Category 機器人設計

Client TIRC 台灣智能機器人公司


舉凡樂高EV3、Wedo等講究動手操作應用的學習;而Aldebaran Nao除了學習編程、更進階具備出色的互動能力。TIRC 專精於行為開發、機構與控制、感測與知覺、互動呈現、系統整合等領域,開發助教機器人,將資訊科技融入教學創新,以親切且易於英語教學用機器人推廣至市面。


Robotic industry have been seen an emerging industry by nations, and Taiwan government positively plans applying robotic technology to educational development. In the future, information integration in teaching will be an important issue of society. Applying robotic technology to teaching interaction would be used widely in helping children to learn correctly, and enhance growth of intelligence. As we mentioned educational robot, there are LEGO EV3, Wedo that focus on manual application learning; Aldebaran Nao is development for learning program and interaction.

However, what TIRC specialize on is behavior development, construction and control, sensation and interaction, and even system integration. Developing assistant teacher to integrate information technology with teaching innovation, TRIC promotes friendly and easily teaching robot on market, it is Bemo. Bemo will provide assistance to students depends on their learning level, to help students learn smoothly.

Besides, tracking every students leaning progress, Bemo will lead them to involve in different experience. It is a great way to elevate learning quality and let teachers easily know about status of students. Increasing interaction in education not only helps improving educational environment, makes learning to be a diversify and interesting thing, to attract children willing to learn, even get fun and confidence from learning. It is a great new generation for robot and human, to widely bring information technology and service in life.

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