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Project 新光保全6s機器人

Category 機器人設計

主體設計 新光保全(SKS)

技術整合與研發製作 台灣智能機器人公司(TIRC)

產品建模修正與包裝形象 3+2 設計

Client 新光保全(SKS)


因應少子化、高齡化社會來臨,舉凡鴻海與Softbank Robotics合作開發的小辣椒Pepper、RIKEN和 Riko 聯手打造的大白熊機器人Robear、ISCI Lab的RoLA Robot、WowWee的RovioRobot皆居家看護而生; 6s為新光保全(Sks) 2015年底推出,為第一款迷你型居家照護機器人,具遠端監控功能,可使用平板電腦或智慧型手機等硬體遙控使用;軟體上運用互聯網、雲端運算與大數據分析,針對幼童、長者、寵物、居家等重點實行照顧看護、影音通話、環境監控,並配置一氧化碳偵測器,達到全方位的監控照護。

6s整合保全原有的物聯網服務形式,打造出全面安心的智慧居家生活。同時透過台灣智能機器人公司(TIRC)技術整合與研發製作、以及3+2 設計參與產品外觀形體建模、修正與產品外包裝、形像設計規劃 ,共同合作完成。

Applying technology to caring service is a global trend, we can see the blueprint in the movie "I, ROBOT" that every robot serve 5 people, obviously, it reveals a time that people live with robots. To compare with reality, every industry from manufacture, assembly to transportation and even medical care, robot technology has been applied to industries. Moreover, the application is extending to daily life, and entering the consumer market.

Due to aging population and low fertility, no matter it is the Pepper created by Foxconn and Softback Robotics or the Robear which is developed by RIKEN and Riko, RolA Robot from ISCI lab and RovioRobot from WowWee, they all are created because of demand of home caring. 6s is the first mini home caring robot that released by Sks in the end of 2015, it is provided with far-distance monitoring system, and users can control it with tablet and smartphone easily. Besides, the software adopts Internet and cloud computing to analysis data to serve children, elders and pets. It provides home caring, video communication and environmental monitoring service, and carbon monoxide gas detector is also equipped, to offer a complete and better caring service.

6s integrates original security and Internet system, to build a secure and intelligent home life for, and it is awarded 2015 Top 100 innovation winner. The work is researched and developed by TIRC and 3+2 design studio, 3+2 design studio is engaged in appearance design, mold setting, package and image design, to work out this intelligent design with TIRC together.