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Project 營火蟲燈

Category 產品設計

Client 工業技術研究院 產業服務中心

"LIGHT-CYCLE"是一個重大的突破,使我們擺脫了室外限制,像是多數現有的太陽能產品所能做的。但為了生活的更加永續,除了採取節約能源的行動以及購買具有環保能源標章的電子產品外,我們現在有第三種選擇,透過重新運用室內的光源,我們可以『點亮永不落幕』的"Firefly-Light"。在不久的將來,我們能夠利用這項概念轉移至任何其它耗能產品上,並且讓"LIGHT-CYCLE"成為一種新的方式來永續能量。 科技特性: 吸光:外型上一層一層燈片是採用" Transparent Light-Collecting Module",它收集光能,並將其轉換為電能儲存於充電電池中,同時也提供電力於內部燈泡使用,且使用降低能源消耗的LED燈。"Firefly-Light"運用了這項綠色技術,完美地達到永續循環的目的。

The lightcycle is a significant breakthrough which bring the solar energy into our daily life and see us free from the out-door limitation like most of the solar-powered equipments do. To live more sustainable, except for taking action on energy conservation and buy electronic applicances with energy star qualification. We know have a third option, by re-using the interior lighting as our power source, we can light up the never ending light-cycle. In the coming future, we are able to apply the concept to any other energy-consuming products and make the light-cycle as a new way to preserve energy.