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Project 救難球

Category 產品設計

Client 工業技術研究院 產業服務中心

一種包覆似橄欖球狀的導光救生衣, 方便以以手擲方式進行救援,讓施救者能精準的掌握投擲方向與距離力道的拿捏。Ball 911表面之導光膜片可接收光能,將大面積光源以1:10高效能的方式轉化為電能,並儲存於蓄電池中。夜間可發光導引受難者救生衣位置, 受難者穿上救生衣亦可明燈指示落難者的漂流位置, 提高救援效率與遇難者生存機率。本救生衣設計為填充二氧化碳,當遇難者取得Ball 911後,只需拉開插銷, 本體即充氣,使用者從頭部套入救生衣,並扣上腰部環扣即可等待救援。。

A self-lightening oval shaped life jacket enables lifesavers to perform rescue operations more easily and practically. The specific oval shape fits your palm and the life jacket can be thus threw to the Drowning more accurately and further. Ball 911 is also equipped with light guiding thin film, which directs the large area solar energy into small solar cells, and a Lithium thin film battery within it. This allows the life jacket to shine during nighttime, indicating the position of the drifter. The survival probability and rescue rate can be greatly enhanced by simply putting this life jacket on. The buoyancy of this life jacket comes from the filling of CO2 gas. When the drifter receives Ball 911, the life jacket can be pumped by pulling the bolt out. Then the drifter just has to buckle himself up and wait for rescue.