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Category 品牌設計

Client 頂宏生物科技股份有限公司

曦之麗(FRUSIRNAG),品牌精神來自晨曦的美麗力量。 一如清晨薄霧間穿透的陽光般,暖意滿滿卻不過度耀眼, 總帶給人們好肌膚的感覺。

FRU-SIR-NAG,則是曦之麗品牌的保養密碼, 結合『天然植物+優質海藻+NAG』三大元素, 識別規劃取其F.S.N.字首,排列成裊裊薄霧散發於空氣中, 仿佛陽光照射後的自然美景,最終幻化成美麗的圖騰, 同時,也象徵時間的運轉與最美的時刻。

曦之麗,主訴求打創造出對於肌膚最完美吸收的比例, 品牌識別色系,除了陽光紅系之外,搭配肌膚色系, 更能代表 保養品具備喚醒肌膚水嫩的企圖心。

Fusirnag - the energy from the of the sun rise. Our base secrets of three elements maintenance will keep your skin mysteriously younger. The symbol idea is from the clouds before the sun - rise - smooth, lightweight and see through.

The three elements first letter F 、S and N, and transfer the element become the symbol. As if the natural beauty, eventually turned into a beautiful totem, At the same time, also a symbol of the operation of time and the most beautiful moment.

Symbol application ductility can use on application items. For example like packaging or DM. Promo overall visual benefits.

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