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Project RE

Category 品牌設計

Client 帝伊國際有限公司
De eve international corp.

氣味的記憶坐標 Memories Coordinate(X-Y-Z) 氣味,本原存於大地萬物之中, 透過RE香氛重新找回您的記憶空間; 氣味,重新詮釋出自己的味道, 打造屬於您我的最佳香氛層次。 將RE單字進行解構與重疊,氣味可以是多樣化呈現, 不單只是五感中聞的基本訴求,不但可舒壓與放鬆心情, 產品進而透過瓶身的線條樣貌,從中可傳遞出美景樣貌。 商標視覺結合R+E ,二個單字交織一起, 像是2D或是3D,呼應香氛的層次感, 打造氣味的三度空間。

氣味是一種記憶的風景,勾起情感記憶的連結,探討如何將台灣特色風景與氣味融合,撩起原初的感覺,設計出具有情感設計的擴香精油瓶。 品香賞景 ─ 嗅見台灣系列,以台灣的特色風景及優美景致,有鑑於帝伊國際擁有多年研發精油的專業經驗, 調配出獨到的精油氣味,以「阿里山、日月潭、陽明山、東海岸」為其雅緻的擴香精油瓶產品。 設計特點即以鐵線彎折為架構,線條以藝術性的構圖,呈現台灣的特色風景精神;針對容器材質採透明質感,同時表露精油色澤;藉由擴香棒散發氣味,勾勒出特色風景的記憶味道,使用時產生視覺與嗅覺的雙重饗宴。重新塑造「新品香文化」之情境氛圍,細細品味台灣風景之美好。

Smell is in the air and exists everywhere, and it is closely linked with memories. RE Fragrance helps you get back to space of memories, and find out the smell belongs to you, to create the best fragrance for you. The brand identity adopts overlapping character presenting that smells not merely relieve pressure but communicate a variety of messages. The line gradation of logo is also consistent with the concept that smell has gradation of fragrance, to build a three dimensional space of smell.

Smell is an invisible scene of memory, and it is the link between memory and emotion. We try to integrate Taiwan features with smells, to recall the original feeling to this land, and work out emotional fragrance diffusers. To Smell and See, it is the concept of “Smell Taiwan” series that inspired by beautiful and featured scene of Taiwan. Exclusive and special fragrance oils are mixed by de Eve International Co., Ltd. who has abundant experience in developing fragrance oil, then produces elegant fragrance diffusers “Smell Taiwan” series includes Ali Mountain, Sunmoon Lake, Yangmingshan and the East Coast of Taiwan. The design characteristic is the curved iron wire, and the structure line is artistic composition, to present Taiwan specialties. As for container, we adopt limpid bottle that can show the color of fragrance oil, and consumers can enjoy the feast of vision and smell at the same time. It is an artwork that can create a cultural and fragrant atmosphere, making everyone experience lovely Taiwan.

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