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Category 品牌設計

Client 晉英實業有限公司

"引爆你的驚奇,燃起你的驚喜"正是SOGAMIA生活品牌的精神,命名取自台語"塑膠玩意"的諧音。圖像SOGA設計分別代表著S :Smart(聰明)/ O:Original(原創)/ G:Good time(好時機)/ A:Amazing(驚喜)。冀望透過品牌的精神來引起群眾個體的好奇因子,創作出塑膠繽紛商品,能在生活中扮新奇又有趣的設計遊樂園,同時達到功能取向與寓教於樂的角色。

The surprise we give, and the amazement you have, this is the brand spirit of SOGAMIA, the inspiration to name brand is from the same pronunciation of plastic toys in Taiwanese. Four words of logo means smart, original, good time and amazing, hope to arouse individual and even group curiosity through this brand spirit. Colorful plastic creations, not only build a new and interesting amusement park of design, but also are functional and have teaching through play.