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Established concept:

『3+2』源自台灣郵遞區號(區碼),【限/時/快/遞】是我們的使命,廣泛解釋為:資源統籌/市場時機/即時檢驗/對象溝通。3+2設計的核心價值在於整合企業的疑難雜症,提出最適合「客戶體質」的解決方案。多年來我們專業服務內容主要分成二大領域:品牌形象策略與包裝設計&產品整合與機器人設計。同時我們的客戶始終相信,3+2 能提供最優質的設計策略與解決問題的能力。

3+2 Always Provide the Best.

Company Profile:
"3+2" derives from Taiwan postal (zip) code, and special delivery is the company's mission, it involves resource, timing, examination and negotiation. The value of 3+2 Design Studio is to have work-up for clients' difficult and complicated diseases, and then proposes suitable prescription (solution) to the problem. For years, our professional service contains two fields, branding strategy & packaging design, product integration & robot design. Clients always believe in 3+2 Design Studio that can offer best design strategy and skills of problem solving. 3+2 Always Provide the Best.

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Service Process:

『3+2』專屬的PASS設計服務流程,替我們的客戶在最短時間內,找出問題的癥結所在,進而提出最適合的解決方案,讓業主除了可以更瞭解自身產業的優缺點外,從中利用設計思考加以強化品牌的個性與特徵,讓消費者可以在市場中快速記得您,取得品牌雙向溝通的All Pass。


Service Process:

"PASS" design service process is the exclusive service of 3+2 design studio, to find out the problem for clients in a short time, analyze the problem, and propose a suitable solution, let clients understand the advantage and disadvantage of industry, to strength characteristic and specialty of brand, make consumers keep the brand in mind, and achieve success, our service make all pass for clients.

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Legal Counsel


這些年我們用亮麗的成績,為新世代的律師事務所做出最好詮釋;在未來,我們重新定義自己不僅僅要是個好律師,更要是客戶的好伙伴,一起面對臺灣社會變遷將來的各種挑戰! 我們有獨到、 全面的思考、策劃 與執行,我們站在事理脈絡的至高點,所以我們深入瞭解各種法律議題的挑戰並總是找出最好的致勝之道!我們是熱誠、合作、專業的律師團隊。我們有深厚的法學根基。而且我們的友善團隊文化與廣博的法律實務經驗,讓我們可以宏觀複雜爭議,善巧止息爭議。

Heading Attorney at Law

We defined the next generation law firm in the past and redefining ourselves not only as good lawyer, but also as the best partnership with our clients to meet the challenges coming with Taiwan social change. We have a distinctive global way of thinking, planning and behaving. We understand the challenges of the law issues and always make the best solutions because we have been at the forefront of their evolutions.Ours is a passionately collaborative professional lawyer team. We have the deep roots and knowledge of law. And our culture of friendship and broad scope of practice enable us to navigate complexity across issues, practices and borders with ease.